I’ve been inactive here for quite some time and, first things first, I wanted to apologize to followers, friends, strangers, and to myself for not keeping up this blog to a set schedule and for being generally lazy when it comes to upkeep and posting. I can use the excuse that I have been busy all I want but, really, I’ve just been reading comics or tumblr surfing waaay to damn long >.< 

On a lighter note, I have been doing something productive. Keep an ear out on Mutiny Radio on November 1st from 2-4 as I have a radio show I will be hosting with Andre Champagne! The reason it’s so long from now is I am training to use the sound board in the studio until than. 

Here, have a WIP:


Let me know if you ever get tired of Steampunk Jessica rabbit cause… Here we go again… 

Idk, I feel like this has become a progress tracker at this point…

ALSO, I finally was able to read Who Plugged Roger Rabbit and I definitely recommend it ^.^

While I was back home, I managed to squeeze in a couple of quick-sketches between visiting with people and trying to stay out of a stressful household. I had taken my brothers to their drumming classes and I finally got to see my culture’s traditional dance! It was magical to be able to finally see that after years of not having these resources at my disposal despite living on and near the reservation… 

Anyhow, Once I am done unpacking, I’ll scan and upload them.