Let me know if you ever get tired of Steampunk Jessica rabbit cause… Here we go again… 

Idk, I feel like this has become a progress tracker at this point…

ALSO, I finally was able to read Who Plugged Roger Rabbit and I definitely recommend it ^.^

While I was back home, I managed to squeeze in a couple of quick-sketches between visiting with people and trying to stay out of a stressful household. I had taken my brothers to their drumming classes and I finally got to see my culture’s traditional dance! It was magical to be able to finally see that after years of not having these resources at my disposal despite living on and near the reservation… 

Anyhow, Once I am done unpacking, I’ll scan and upload them. 

mohawkballz asked:


1morekissbe4wedie answered:

  • 1:Take a picture of your workspace.

Don’t ever ask me to take pictures of my workspace! It’s always a mess!




  • 3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

Wait… What’s that up on the desk?!

Is that a commission that I should really be working on but don’t have the drive to do at the moment?!


In the meantime, here’s a fucker who needs to be colored in.


  • 9:Favorite thing to draw?

People I suppose. I certainly do a lot of them and, sometimes, that’s the only way for me to connect with the characters I’m writing for. 

  • 10:Least favorite thing to draw?

Copious amounts of detail. I can be hyper focussed on particular art projects, sure, but my attention span does NOT allow for TONS and TONS of stuff to be in one scene. 

I will always be jealous of those people who can sit there for hours drawing, than coloring, then shading, and STILL be proud of their work… I generally want to stab my eyes at their halfway mark…